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guess what I was doing while I was drawing this

March 3, 2010

Why, I was drinking a cup of coffee, of course! ;-P

I was getting a quick cup and looking over the notes for my next class when I overheard two “brahs” sitting next to me discussing a very intense subject: apparently, the young woman Brah Numbah One had over last night had the audacity to take a shit in his bathroom. Because we all know girls don’t do that. (At least, not without permission. Better yet, not unless you’re under 25, hot, able to smoke at the same time, and men are watching.)

At first I was confused. Like, where was she supposed to do it? On the floor? On his couch? Was she supposed to be collecting it in little baggies for him? Luckily, Brah Numbah Two was there to clear things up for me. “Aw, man, brah! Dude, did you throw her out? You dodged a bullet with that one, brah. I’m tellin’ ya, man, these bitches… you hafta watch them. I’d never let a bitch shit in my house. I’m tellin’ ya…you give them an inch, they take a mile. Next thing you know, she’d be draggin’ over a U-Haul.”

Ooooh, cupcake. If only you had more than an inch to give.

Frankly, this conversation was so ridiculous that I couldn’t be offended. I started illustrating Brah’s Worst Nightmare: The PooPoo Plot of Domestication. Because when the ladies poop in your bathroom, they turn into evil monsters who want to domesticate you and interrupt your Bromance. Pssh, obvs.

Oh boy. Well, Brahs, be careful how you express your idiocy in public; somewhere, there might be a feh-muh-nust Art Grrrrl, not-so-privately mocking you.

Ladies, just in case you are in danger of actually going home with one of these idiots, I found a handy little chart for you to avoid tragedy:

(The background of this doodle is supposed to be bright neon high-lighter yellow, but for some reason my scanner made it look like I never colored it at all. Weird. Do scanners not pick up fluorescent colors?)

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  1. katie permalink
    March 4, 2010 7:02 pm

    OMG THAT IS SO FUNNY. where do these men come from? If they can’t stand women so much, maybe they should try dudes…just sayin’…

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